Developing competitive advantage through market specialization and strategic alliances.


URBAN INPUT was co-founded by Marc Cabarrocas, Rafael López - Palacios and Howard Pierce in 2004, as a local real estate asset manager focusing on office developments, site assembly and land transformation in Barcelona.

In 2008, the company pivoted to assisting foreign capital in their investment strategies across Spain.

In this context, they met Mario Chisholm, who was working for London-based investment funds looking at the Spanish market. In a turbulent, post-financial crisis market environment with mispriced value and risk and complicated transactional landscape, Mario quickly realized he needed to find reliable and capable local partners rather than transactions.

URBAN INPUT stood out as the most reliable, capable and honest after a thorough process.


The first transaction together resulted in URBAN INPUT structuring a smart risk-adjusted transaction from a bank and developing a best-in-class office building, Cornerstone, the first LEED Gold Office building in Barcelona at that time.

In 2014, Mario Chisholm invested in the business and joined the team bringing his finance and international investment track record with the aim of turning the company into a leading Spanish asset manager. This is when URBAN INPUT started its strategy of diversification and growth. The birth of URBAN INPUT GROUP.

At that time, URBAN INPUT identified an exciting change in the office market and started to develop the most innovative and efficient trend-setting buildings in the 22@area of Barcelona, providing space for the emerging Tech sector, including the first LEED Gold and Platinum office buildings.


The business also expanded into the residential market incorporating the management team from an experienced home builder and founded UNIQ in 2014 with a common vision: building high quality urban residential projects.

The management team was expanded and stood out with an ability to detect, manage and capitalize highly complex situations, with the aim of creating best-in-class new stock, repositioning assets, as well as resolving planning problems, litigation and restructurings to generate value. URBAN INPUT created in 2015 a specialized team focused on solving complex situations with underlying real estate assets with a high value potential.

In 2018, the team saw an opportunity to provide well-designed, sustainable and professionally managed rental assets to a market in need of affordable but quality products. In 2019 BIALTO was created as a platform for acquisition, design and management of residential rental properties.