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Urban space is what shapes our lives and decides our behaviour. At Urban Input, we like to think we contribute to making this space a better, more productive and user-friendly environment. Our focus is buildings and land, and our mission is to create new spaces or upgrade existing in the most innovative and efficient manner possible, through design-led thinking.

Given the complexity of acquiring and managing buildings, developments and sites, we act as a local partner for capital looking to get into the right real estate projects. Our planning of process and communication with our investors ensures that we are doing our utmost to identify and mitigate risk before it happens.

We provide the full asset management package to real estate investors, from setup of vehicles to hold the assets, through development process, tenant management and successful exit.

We are based in Barcelona, but operate nationally, and in all sectors, with special focus currently on the office and residential markets.

We have to date managed and sold one of the leading office projects in the Barcelona market and continue to be active in the prime district, using Building Information Modelling (BIM) and a continued commitment to LEED certification to deliver the best Grade A space coming up in the next few years.


Urban Input

We have a small in-house team with extensive experience in the real estate and finance sectors both in Spain and internationally. This allows us to understand our investors’ needs while remaining deeply-rooted in the local market.

Where we run development projects, we set up specialist teams in each case, to ensure that we have the best structure the project requires.


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