We focus on reduction over production, based on sustainable business solutions.

Can it be really beautiful if it is unsustainable?

At URBAN INPUT, we believe in the merits of ESG implementation and are willing to champion it. Therefore, we have established an ESG champions team, who represent a diversified group across all areas of the business to overview the progress of our ESG objectives and promote commitment to the firm’s ESG policy to ensure full integration within our operations.

ESG Champions are responsible for:

_Monitoring policy impact, sustainability risks and develops toolkits to use in day-to-day activities by assisting colleagues in understanding how they can implement it during their daily tasks.

_Managing and developing relationships with key sustainability providers and partners to ensure active monitoring and high level of sustainability criteria.

_Evaluating processes and gathering insights for policy enhancement to reflect developments in sustainable construction and market demand, reduce further carbon emissions and provide transparency through measurable ESG performance.







We are proud to be a JUST Certificate company as a transparency platform for voluntary disclosing of organizations´social justice practice but also for improving and going forward.